Ranking higher in Google with these 5 proven optimization tips

Obviously you want more visitors on your website. And to achieve this you want to rank higher in Google. You’ve looked and asked around. Now it’s time to get started!

But where to begin? Backlinks? A new URL? Re-writing all your content?

These 5 points are which distinguish succesful websites from their competitors.

  1. The right keywords – You know by now that you want to be found. But are you sure about the search terms you want to be found for? Are you offering a B2B service to improve sales funnels. And helping potential customers convert into paying customers? If in this scenario you decide you want to rank number 1 for ‘converting’, be prepared to get disappointed. Over 99%, if not all, of the search terms involved are about converting digital images and currency.
  2. A good story – Nobody is looking to read just a pile of keywords dumped on a page, right? An article or page needs structure. Structure that is easy to read by visitors and easy to understand by search engines. For this you use a clear and unique title, with subheadings for paragraphs. Makes sure that even at a glance a visitor knows what an article is about.
  3. Added value – Around 5 times a day I get emails for link exchanges, with webshops, online casino’s, anything really. The problem is that those websites have nothing unique to offer. Especially not to my visitors. It may surprise you, but getting backlinks is actually quite straightforward when you really offer something of value. Think of what it is that surprises people. What exceeds their expectations. What makes them laugh. What they find useful. In short, think of what it is that they find valuable enough to share with the rest of the world. Need more inspiration?
  4. News value – I don’t think it comes as a surprise when I say that it can be challenging to stay up-to-date these days. This is where searche engines play another crucial role. In case you missed it, already back in 2011 Google anounced that they prioritize more recent information. Information with news value. So make sure your site stays up-to-date. That you regularly offer something new. Think about new articles and by making sure that your existing content remains current.
  5. Speed – Today, more than ever before, speed is essential to users. Nobody likes to wait. Not you. Not me. Nobody who is in search of anything online. Not search engines. So make sure that your pages load quickly. By optimizing images for example. By ensuring that website styling and formatting is defined in the stylesheet. Tip: even involve your hosting party in making sure that your PageSpeed Insights Score is a high as it can be.

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